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Dubai is known for its luxury, futuristic cityscape, and innovation. One can’t help but fall in love with the ‘The City of Gold’, which has various Guinness World Record-holding structures such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, and Dubai Mall. Besides these majestic wonders, it is also home to another gem, the Palm Tower.

Imagine standing at the foot of the Palm Tower, in awe of its towering presence. When you gaze up, you can't help but feel awe and wonder. The Palm Tower soars magnificently into the sky, its elegant glass facade gleaming in the sunlight. You can practically feel the excitement in the air as you prepare to enter a world of luxury and sophistication. The exquisite decor and warm ambiance surround you as you approach the foyer, making you feel right at home. 

Palm Tower is your haven of comfort and style in the midst of the city, whether you're here for business or pleasure. Moreover, the View at the Palm is a must-see for everyone who visits Dubai, a city where creativity comes to life!

Levels at the Palm Tower

Level 1-18 (St. Regis Palm Dubai)

The St. Regis Dubai, The Palm, which occupies the first 18 floors of The Palm Tower on Palm Jumeirah, offers incomparable luxury. This heaven features 290 luxurious suites, four dining locations, and two infinity pools with breathtaking views of the Palm Jumeirah. Enjoy the Iridium Spa and the 300 stores and restaurants at Nakheel Mall. This extravagant retreat offers St. Regis Butler service 24 hours a day, exceptional meals, and breathtaking views.

Level 19-47 (Luxury Private Apartments)

Experience the high-rise, magnificent views of Dubai from 19 to 47 levels of The Palm Tower. discover the. These fully furnished, exquisitely designed apartments provide an exceptional lifestyle experience. The Palm Tower Residences have spacious studio, one-, two, and three-bedroom floor plans with panoramic views of the Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf, and Dubai city. These magnificent features, combined with an extensive range of luxury amenities, offer convenience and comfort in every detail. Whether you are looking for a personal residence or an investment opportunity, these apartments will meet all of your requirements.

Level 50 (Infinity Pool)

Discover AURA, the world's highest 360-degree infinity pool above 200 metres from the ground. The Dubai skyline, Palm Jumeirah, and the broad Arabian Gulf are clearly visible from here. AURA sky pool is more than just a swimming pool, it is an invitation to an exclusive sensory journey. Don't pass on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the essence of Dubai from this unique vantage point high above the city.

Level 52 (Observatory Deck)

The view from Level 52 of The Palm Tower of Dubai's man-made island, Palm Jumeirah, is breathtaking. The city spreads beneath you in a stunning view as you stroll around the astounding Palm Observation Deck. Looking out, you'll view the famed Palm Jumeirah coastline, the gorgeous Arabian Gulf, and Dubai's urban cityscape, all from an almost otherworldly vantage point. But Level 52 is more than simply a view, it's also a cultural hotspot. The exhibition here tells the fascinating narrative of the development of Palm Jumeirah, providing depth to your experience as you take in both the natural beauty and human innovation that make Dubai so distinctive.

Overview Of The View at the Palm

The View at The Palm, located above the Palm Jumeirah's renowned Palm Tower, is like a doorway to a world of wonder. You can capture some stunning Palm Tower’s photos as well as Dubai’s massive cityscape through observatory deck The Palm Jumeirah coastline curves beautifully into the Arabian Gulf, giving the impression of being carried to the very end of the Earth. The detailed narrative it crafts about the development of Palm Jumeirah, a tale of ambition and engineering prowess, is what makes it genuinely intriguing. It's more than just a view; it's an entire trip through Dubai's past, present, and future, all while standing on top of the world's tallest building.

Why Visit View at the Palm

Anyone looking for a remarkable experience should go to The View at The Palm. Imagine yourself on a magnificent The Palm observation deck, surrounded by Dubai's breathtaking scenery. The pleasant air touches your skin as you stand there, and your eyes are treated to spectacular views of the Palm Jumeirah gracefully spreading into the dazzling Arabian Gulf.

This is more than just a tourist attraction; it is a moment of pure amazement and tranquillity. The vibrant energy of the city hums below, creating a remarkable balance between the bustling landscape and the tranquil waters. A visit to the Palm Observatory allows you to connect with Dubai's incredible beauty, and is an experience you won't want to miss.

Things to Do at the View at the Palm

Experience Panoramic Views at The Palm

Enjoy the 360-degree panoramic views from The Palm. Enter the magnificent viewing deck and experience a visual symphony that portrays the majesty of Dubai. Your attention will be drawn to the Palm Jumeirah, an architectural marvel that stretches gently into the Arabian Gulf's blue waters. Discover the city's renowned buildings stand towering, representing Dubai's mix of modernity and heritage. This experience at The View at The Palm gives a perspective that will imprint itself into your memory forever, with the gentle breeze brushing your hair and the sun painting the sky with bright hues.

Explore 360-Degree Views at the Observation Deck

The Palm Observation Deck at The View at The Palm is nothing short of amazing. Situated on top of the Palm Tower, this magnificent wonder provides an exceptional view of Dubai's splendour. Excitement floods over you as you step onto the deck, and it's not simply the elevation. The magnificent views of the Palm Jumeirah, the world-famous skyline, and the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf will take your breath away. It's a visual masterpiece that transports you to the heart of Dubai's magnificence, making every visit to the Palm Observation Deck a mesmerising trip into the city's lively essence.

An Immersive Experience with Interactive Exhibits

The Palm View Observatory's interactive exhibits take you on a fascinating journey through Dubai's rich history and the structural marvel that is the Palm Jumeirah. You'll enter a world where displays come to life with animated storytelling, providing insights into the origins of the Palm. Feel like an architect as you virtually construct your own palm island, and marvel as the past and future of Dubai are brought to life before your eyes through interactive displays. These exhibitions provide a more in-depth insight into the city's growth, making your visit to The Palm View Observatory not only visually magnificent but also intellectually stimulating. It's an extraordinary combination of information and entertainment that enhances your experience on top of this renowned structure.

Relish into Delectable Dining and Refreshment Options

Experience a breathtaking 360-degree panorama view of Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai coast, and beyond. Coucou Dubai at The View in the Dubai Palm Tower is a delightful blend of French elegance with the city’s renowned cityscape. This restaurant at Palm Jumeirah allows you to savour superb French cuisine while taking in panoramic views of the city's iconic beauties. Enjoy drinking excellent champagne or indulging in a delicious croissant while admiring The Palm's beautiful palm tree-shaped design against the glittering waters of the Arabian Gulf. It's a gourmet adventure that mixes the refinement of French cuisine with the grandeur of Dubai, resulting in an extraordinary dining experience that's as breathtaking as the view.

Architectural Marvel

Palm Jumeirah is created by the world’s leading real estate development company, Nakheel. It is one of the world's largest man-made islands, as well as a rapidly expanding residential, and leisure-seeking destination. This famous architectural development spreads out into the Arabian Gulf in the shape of a date palm, the UAE's national plant. Thus, the tower's design is also inspired by the palm tree, a symbol of growth and life in the region, and replicates the curve of the famed View at the Palm Jumeirah. Its overhanging viewing platform reflects Dubai's desire to push the limits of design and engineering.

Furthermore, this architectural marvel not only adds to Dubai's skyline but also demonstrates the city's constant dedication to advancement and quality. It represents Dubai's continuous quest for excellence, encouraging visitors to join in the city's extraordinary journey while enjoying astounding panoramic views of its stunning scenery. 

A 360-Degree Experience

Standing on View at The Palm, you'll be immersed in a 360-degree experience that reveals spectacular panoramic views and one-of-a-kind viewpoints. Dubai's skyline stretches out in front of you, soaked in sunlight. The Burj Khalifa rises magnificently to the north, while the Arabian Gulf sparkles with limitless possibilities to the south.

Looking east, the Palm Jumeirah's leaves span like an emerald masterpiece on the sea, providing a magnificent contrast to the grandeur of the Atlantis Palm Jumeirah. The Hajar Mountains frame the cityscape to the west, offering a feeling of wonder to the view. The 360-degree observation point at View at The Palm transports you into a region of astounding splendor and marvel, where every moment delivers a truly thrilling adventure.

Plan Your Visit

Best Time to Visit
How to Get There
View at the Palm Tickets
What to Wear?
What to Bring?

View at The Palm is best visited in the late afternoon to early evening hours, particularly between October and April. Arriving early before sunset allows you to observe the spectacular shift of Dubai's skyline from day to night. As the sun sets, the city's famous attractions light up, creating a spectacular visual display. During the cooler months, this magical twilight hour gives a one-of-a-kind and remarkable experience. It is the best time to appreciate the panoramic views from this extraordinary vantage point and get those amazing Aura Skypool photos.

Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Last Time to Enter: 7:30 PM

Non-Prime hours: From 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Prime hours: From 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

Location: Palm Jumeirah Rd, The Palm Tower, 52nd Floor 

How to Reach:

  • By Metro: Take the Red line to the Al Khail metro station and then change to the blue line towards Nakheel Mall. You will reach the Palm Tower, Dubai within a 2-minute walk from the mall. 
  • By Car: The attraction location is approximately 35 km away from the city centre, it will take approximately 30 minutes via Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11. 
  • By Bus: Take bus number F13 to reach the View at the Palm Jumeirah.

When arranging your visit to Dubai, consider purchasing View at The Palm tickets with us online for a hassle-free experience. Here are a few reasons why it's an excellent choice to book your tickets well in advance:

  • Hassle-free visit: Avoid huge lines and potential wait times by purchasing your tickets in advance, ensuring a simpler entrance experience.
  • Assured Entry: Pre-purchased tickets guarantee your entrance, even during peak seasons or busy periods.
  • Skip-the-Line Tickets: Purchasing skip-the-line tickets ensures faster entrance, allowing you to make the most of your time admiring the panoramic views.
  • Simple Online Booking: Booking tickets online is quick and easy, allowing you to easily secure your position.
  • Excellent Offers & Deals: Online platforms frequently provide exclusive discounts and promotions, allowing you to save money on your visit to this significant Palm View observatory.

When visiting The Palm in Dubai, dress appropriately as per the weather and observe local customs. Here are some outfit suggestions:

  • Respect the traditional culture by dressing modestly. Avoid wearing anything too revealing, such as short skirts or low-cut tops.
  • For visiting the neighbourhood, you should wear comfortable walking shoes to explore the Atlantis Palm Jumeirah easily.
  • To stay cool in the desert heat, use lightweight, breathable textiles like cotton or linen during summer.
  • Women should opt for tops with sleeves and skirts or trousers that cover the knees. Men should also avoid wearing sleeveless shirts.
  • Remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Also, bring a light jumper or jacket because evenings might be cool.

It is essential to pack properly for a visit to the Palm Towers Dubai in order to maximize your experience:

  • Camera and Binoculars: Capture the jaw-dropping vistas and iconic structures of Dubai's famous skyline with a camera and binoculars.
  • Comfortable Shoes: Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking a lot to explore View at the Palm.
  • Proper Attire: Dress according to the Palm View observatory’s dress code.
  • Cash and Cards: Have some local currency and credit cards on hand for meals, beverages, and souvenirs.
  • Identification and Tickets: For a smooth entry, make sure you have valid identification and pre-purchased tickets.
  • Sun Protection: Do not forget to pack sunglasses, sunblock, and a large hat or umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Poolwear: Bring your swimwear if you want to visit the Aura Skypool Lounge and enjoy the pool and sitting area.


View at The Palm provides various amenities to provide a pleasant and happy experience while soaking in the spectacular views: 

  • Accessibility: The attraction is wheelchair accessible, allowing all visitors to enjoy the scenery.
  • Restrooms: For your convenience, clean and easily accessible restrooms are available.
  • Cafes and Restaurants: Enjoy a wide range of cuisines and refreshments while admiring the scenery.
  • Engaging Displays: Exciting exhibits teach visitors about the history and architecture of the Palm Jumeirah.
  • The Palm Observation Deck: A wide deck with 360-degree astounding views of Dubai's skyline.
  • Gift Shop: Purchase one-of-a-kind gifts to take back home and souvenirs for a memorable visit.

Tips for visiting The View at The Palm

With its stunning vistas, View at The Palm in Dubai guarantees a remarkable experience. Here are a couple of suggestions for making the most of your visit:

  • To avoid long queues and ensure availability, purchase tickets online well in advance.
  • Visit in the late afternoon or early evening for spectacular sunset views. You can also arrive early for a more peaceful experience.
  • Bring a camera or smartphone to take pictures of the scenery from the View at the Palm and the Aura Infinity pool.
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. Furthermore, dress modestly to respect local culture.
  • Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Carry water with you to stay hydrated.
  • During your visit, explore local attractions such as Atlantis The Palm and the Palm Jumeirah beaches.

Art of Dining

Restaurants in the View at the Palm
Restaurant Nearby the View at the Palm
  • Coucou: Coucou Dubai will elevate your night with a breathtaking 360-degree View of the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai's shoreline. The View at The Palm's rooftop restaurant features sophisticated decor, great cuisine, outstanding service, and a thrilling ambiance. It's the finest destination in Dubai for Mediterranean flavours, distinctive drinks, shisha, and mesmerising entertainment.

  • SUSHISAMBA: SUSHISAMBA at View at The Palm is a vibrant dining experience that combines Brazilian, Peruvian, and Japanese flavours. It offers an amazing blend of sushi, sashimi, grilled meals, and innovative cocktails against the breathtaking backdrop of Dubai. It's a must-visit dining location in Dubai, due to its bustling atmosphere and magnificent vistas.
  • Bread Street Kitchen & Bar: Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen & Bar Dubai, located in Atlantis Palm Jumeirah, offers a culinary journey worth experiencing. This bustling restaurant serves classic British cuisine with a modern touch. You can enjoy fish and chips, beef Wellington, and handcrafted cocktails in a sophisticated, bright setting with Views af the Palm's gorgeous surroundings.

  • Seafire Steakhouse: Seafire Steakhouse, located within Atlantis Palm in Dubai, is a premier dining destination for steak lovers. It mixes superb flavours with a stylish ambiance and serves a broad menu of premium steaks and seafood. It's a popular pick for anyone looking for a great gastronomic experience in Dubai, with a sea view backdrop.

  • The Pointe: The Pointe at Palm Jumeirah is a busy waterfront resort in Dubai. It combines dining, shopping, and entertainment experiences with breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. You can enjoy the brilliant fountain presentations that light up the evenings while exploring a variety of restaurants, cafes, and stores.

  • Ossiano: Ossiano Dubai is an exceptional underwater dining experience located within Atlantis, The Palm. It serves expensive seafood meals among mesmerising views of marine life and is housed in a beautiful aquarium. It's a one-of-a-kind and spectacular gourmet trip in Dubai, known for its lavish ambiance and extraordinary meals.

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